Policy on Unlimited

Policy on Unlimited 

What is Unlimited, Explained

Unlimited generally comes with a caveat or an unwritten code of what we call as a fair usage policy. Even when we visit restaurants that put up a board of “Unlimited Buffet spread” its very well understood that there are certain limitations to the same. After all you can only satiate your appetite with one plate and not bring your entire family to feast in one plate. The Unlimited Hosting plans largely fall under similar conditions.

How do we define our acceptable usage policy ? Well, there isn’t a concrete way of defining this however, over the years of our experience being a Hosting Provider . We have capsuled our acceptable policy here :

For Example:

In shared hosting plans as the name suggests, multiple users share the common system resources such as CPU, RAM and disk space etc. An unfair, unprecedented or unrealistic usage of this hosting model by one of the users adversely affects the experience for other users on the same shared hosting plan. As a result, we are obligated to suspend the services of users who breach the acceptable usage policy only with an intention to serve all our other users equitably and ensure that they enjoy uninterrupted service.

For most users our hosting packages would work beautifully and very rarely would they reach the unlimited parameters. To further simply this understanding we have listed out circumstances / conditions under which the Unlimited Plans cannot be used.

What is not allowed in unlimited ?

You can not use unlimited plans for the following reasons (provided as an Example) and for more information refer respective resources. You can not use it

* As a back resource

* As a mirroring / file distribution / download repository

* For free downloads such as video/audio/images/other contents

* As a video/audio websites

* For Excessive SQL/DB use

* For unlimited network usage

Unlimited accounts are to be used by the primary business owner, you are not permitted to resell or give away web hosting to others for FREE or along with your services

Please read more about our terms and conditions also.

Please read more about


Due to the complexity or server stability, my application is not suitable for an unlimited. What are the alternative options?

We take sincere efforts to fit your unique requirements on to our unlimited shared hosting plans. Also, we do not manually monitor or pick up accounts that are not fit for unlimited plans but instead get automatic alerts from our system and safety triggers with all the information.

We try our best to accommodate your website in the server. However, in certain cases if your website creates a problem or causes loading issues for all the other websites hosted in that server, we will be forced to suspend your website.

Suspension of the websites is always used as a last option and we ensure that we get in touch with the website owner in order to inform about this action. At the same time your encouraged to upgrade to a higher plan if your needs are not met in the current plan.