Training program that will help learners master the skills they need to establish a successful career as a PHP developer.

Global Future opportunities in web development:

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 30.3% employment growth for web developers between 2021 and 2031. In that period, an estimated 28,900 jobs should open up.

Are you trying to start your career in the Web Development field??

PHP is a powerful open-source scripting language made for the web that makes way for smooth web development. It is incredibly common and the most popular server-side language. PHP is built up from the C programming language and uses HTML-like tags. Popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress use PHP to offer their web services to billions of users.

Biz2rock PHP Programming and Web Development is an all-inclusive training program organized by our team of certified professionals. that will help learners master the skills they need to establish a successful career as a PHP developer. The program helps the learners acquire a fundamental understanding of dynamic web development with PHP, detailing all the aspects of the scripting language from basic PHP syntax and data structure to variables and iteration, to arrays, loops, and error handling, and further to object-oriented programming concepts. Advanced concepts like connecting with databases, interacting with social networks, working with APIs and PHP application security are also discussed to give the learners a holistic view of the PHP development capabilities. This training program has been designed with a uniform structured series of modules enumerating various pertinent concepts.

PHP-Training Training Key Features

Boost your employable skills.

  • Hours of Applied Learning
  • Real-time industry projects
  • Dedicated project mentoring sessions
  • Lifetime access to selfpaced learning
  • Mock exams
  • Full Learning support
  • The practical sessions throughout the entire course.
  • Internship option is also avaliable.
  • Placement support and guidance.

Certificate Programme in PHP Training

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a Certified PHP Developer Certificate. This Certified Program in “PHP Programming and Web Development” will add considerable value to your professional credentials.

you will receive both softcopy and Hardcopy of your certificate, immediately available within 2 days to you when you complete your training